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Crumbs from the Cuki Jar
23rd-Feb-2011 11:35 am - Just one picture.
changmin yay!


(For more, albeit incoherent details: http://cuki-crumbs.blogspot.com/)
17th-Jan-2011 01:40 pm - Ugh
donghae D:
My layout is unfinished and I'm too lazy to finish it because I forgot my CSS. lol. Maybe I'll just use one of those pre-made ones.

*EDIT* This'll do for now. :)
ino laugh
If you had to go an entire week without TV, music, or your mobile phone, which would you choose, and why?

TV. Who needs TV when you've got the internet? lol. The only thing I watch on TV is the Lifestyle Network. XD

And in fandom-related news.

Happy 15th Anniversary, V6! ♥♥♥

I snagged this off someone's twitter XD
ZOMG SHO CUTE! Spot on. :3

In honor of V6's anniversary, they'll be on my playlist for the whole day.♥ And I want their V6 Asia Tour 2010 in Japan Ready? [Limited Edition] DVD. ;o; What's nice is that you can find region 3 versions of their dvds in Singapore, so the chances of having to spend a horrendous amount are lower (or none, if my sister decides to be generous again this Christmas♥).

V6 is my happy music. :3 Yes, including their cheesy 90's eurobeat phase. XD
21st-Oct-2010 03:24 pm - Halloweeeeen :D
nagase food
I haven't celebrated Halloween since I was a kid, but a pass through random food blogs & sites (particularly Martha Stewart) left me itching to throw a party just so I could make all the cute food & treats. XD

Care for some Cauldron Curry and Mashed Boo-tatoes?Collapse )

How are you guys spending your Halloween? :D
18th-Oct-2010 04:02 pm - New layout?
jang geun suk smile
Changed my header. I seriously wrung that previous Pura header dry, lol. Almost two years? Or since Boukyaku Monologue came out, and I've been so out of touch with Jrock that I don't even remember when that was. D: OH NOES.

And I haven't been blogging much that I've forgotten my html. D: Rich text is for sissies, lol. (But no offense to people who do use the rich text option).

Um. HI! \:D/ I'll be swinging by once in a while, I guess.

Maybe I should make the cookie smaller, lol. And I'll get around to fixing the color scheme.. sometime. XD
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